4×4 Stampede


Project 4×4 Stampede, or Project Wayfarer [wey-fair-er] will be a 4-wheel-drive powered and steering Traxxas Stampede. The stock Stampede is a great truck. The custom 4wd Stampede is even better.

For a more detailed write-up check out my post on the Ultimate RC Forum.


The chassis is made-up off 1/16” thick angled aluminum, 1/8” thick aluminum strips, and Lexan on top.

The two side panels will hold the batteries, and the electronics (servos, speed control, receiver) will go in the middle. This helps keep the truck balanced since the batteries are quite heavy in comparison to the other electronics.

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Top image here                                      Bottom image here

Front and Rear

Since it’s a four wheel-drive truck it needs to be able to turn. In order to make this happen HPI parts need to be used. I’ve decided that to make this project different from other 4×4 Stampedes I’ll try to tackle four wheel drive turning as well.


After studying the best options for this truck I narrowed it down to two. Brushless was out of the option because I wanted this thing to be 100% waterproof. It was either a single speed control that could handle two motors, or a dual speed control unit wired up to one receiver.

I decided the cheaper rout was to go with a single esc, so I choose the affordable Traxxas EVX-2 that I purchased online from eBay for $


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