Here it is. A dream that I’ve had forever has finally started to become a reality. I now have the resources and skill to make this so here goes. Feel free to contribute, ask questions, or tell me what I’m doin’ wrong!

December 6,2009

Began work on axles. I purchased a 3 foot long steel rod and cut them to 6” each. These will hold the tires and wheels (HPI Geolandar’s on Traxxas 2.2 Rims). As of right now, my idea is to mount a spur gear on each axle and keep it in place with Traxxas slipper clutch parts. Each axles is 3.25” long and filed down to a “D” shape to accommodate set screw applications.

December 3, 2009

The chassis is almost completed. I need to add one more strip of aluminum on to the bottom.

When I was painting the Plexiglas some moisture got in making many bubbles all over. I decided I wouldn’t do anything about this since most of the chassis will be full of electronics etc.

I’ve sealed all of the cracks with a silicone adhesive so no water (mud) will come up when I’m driving.

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